Learn To Read using Montessori Home Real E-FUN New Reader Collection Level 2/DVD Edition


Not many reading methods can claim a 100 years of success. MontessoriHOME goes a step further, merging a century of success with 21st Century technology in a 3-level program —perfect for both the beginning reader and for older readers needing to revisit basics.

The Level 2 package adds to the elemental reading vocabulary and skills in Level 1 by introducing slightly more difficult phonetic combinations and sight words. It expands the new reader’s ability to decipher the “code” of written words while providing hours of the extra practice! practice! practice! necessary for life-long reading success.

The Level 2 Volume 1 books and companion CD feature the problem-solving adventures of Ben, a little bug and Ted the ant. Children are guided through the books on the CD presentation by Ducky, the MontessoriHOME tutor who offers a choice of listening, then reading with help, and finally, reading independently… and at their own pace. The sight and sound interaction of the stories and games reinforces the letter combinations, pronunciation, vocabulary and reading cognition. Children soon begin reading directly from the little books.

Each sturdy case houses the 3 story books (above) and their companion interactive CD, word lists for each book and parent-teacher instructions. As an added benefit, children can safely access the MontessoriHOME website featuring games, books and other learning tools.

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